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codeigniter training in hyderabad


CodeIgniter is an open-supply software speedy improvement net framework, for use in constructing dynamic internet web sites with Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) from codeigniter framework training in dilsukhnagar. In this course we will stroll you via essential ideas like MVC, Database get right of entry to, instructions, and sessions.


The direction accommodates of clean and capable content material with the intention to help increase web sites the usage of personal home page in online codeigniter framework training in hyderabad dilsukhnagar. Online codeigniter framework training with live project in dilsukhnagar hyderabad will teach you how and facts of CodeIgniter which runs on php. It's far light weight and fast compared to different frameworks. It makes use of MVC Framework.


Rich set of libraries for commonplace tasks, simple interface and logical shape to access libraries makes it very clean to apply at best codeigniter training courses in dilsukhnagar hyderabad india. It minimizes the quantity of code wanted for a given project and lets you consciousness for your task.


Learn Codeigniter Course in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad India


About Trainer: Mr. Ranjan Raja is our expert trainer who have immense industrial experience from various MNC's where he have worked on multiple projects on various platform. He can give you knowledge which will be value for your money in codeigniter training in hyderabad.

After Completion Of Course: After completing this course i.e codeigniter training in hyderabad, you can easily work through codeigniter coding with mvc pattern which is good in scripting that is also at codeigniter course fees in hyderabad. Learn codeigniter course in hyderabad about Codeigniter is a powerful open supply net software framework primarily based on MVC structure for use in constructing complete-featured dynamic internet sites with php.


Learn how to become a codeigniter expert in Codeigniter which is loosely based totally at the popular model-View-Controller improvement framework. Code Igniter has a group of pre-described libraries that might assist to create important features without the need for coding from scratch. Big web programs may be evolved hastily using CodeIgniter in codeigniter course modules.


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CodeIgniter Framework Course Modules

CodeIgniter Basics

  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing CodeIgniter
  • Basic configuration options
  • Managing database settings
  • Securing the system files
  • Removing index.php from the address bar using .htaccess
  • What is MVC framework.
  • Folder Structure of CodeIgnitor.


CodeIgniter Setup and Configuration

  • Configure class
  • Configure database
  • Making seo friendly url
  • Routing of page
  • config.php, database.php, autoload.php,routes.php

First CodeIgniter Application Setup and Configuration

  • Library class
  • Creating Static page
  • Creating Controller
  • Creating Model
  • Creating view.


User Management using CodeIgniter

  • Introduction
  • Viewing users
  • Creating users
  • Editing users
  • Deleting users
  • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter
  • Generating passwords with CodeIgniter–the bare bones
  • Forgot password? – resetting passwords with CodeIgniter


Working with database in codeIgnitor + AJAX

  • Introduction
  • Configuring CodeIgniter for databases
  • Active Record – create (insert)
  • Active Record – read (select)
  • Active Record – update
  • ActiveRecord – delete
  • Looping through the database results
  • Counting the number of returned results with num_rows()
  • Counting the number of returned results with count_all_results()
  • Codeignitor with Ajax example
  • Error Handling


Session and cookie handling in codeIgnitor

  • Session
  • Creating and passing session in other page
  • Cookie
  • Creating and passing cookie in other page
  • Sending HTML e-mails with CodeIgniter Email
  • Sending attachments with CodeIgniter Email


Security in codeIgnitor

  • Filtering User Input
  • Encrypting Sessions
  • Additional Security Resources


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